3D Make Lab is community based lab. Everyone can create their own concepts into reality using 3D Make Lab. Available technology is discussed in the Our Technology. Process for printing parts is explained in Additive Manufacturing Technology. What you just need the STL file (with ASCII format)of your conceptual part to print it.

To use CONNEX 350 and Stratasys F170 machine, you need to contact avm.prod@coep.ac.in  , snp.prod@coep.ac.in

You can directly schedule LulzBot printer to fabricate your part.

Procedure to print part on LulzBot Kittaz is

  1. Prepare CAD model of your part
  2. Convert it into STL file format.
  3. Check required time to print your part using CURA software.
  4. Book the slot as per availability of printer
  5. Print your part